Hydroprint also known as Kernow Print in Europe, www.kernowcoatings.com
HydroPrint® is a revolutionary coated polyester film (PET), designed for dry toner base digital printing equipment.
HydroPrint® is waterproof, weatherproof, chemical, alcohol & tear resistant. Straight from the printer output tray, no need to laminate for protection. An incredibly durable sheet with options to fit every applications, such as signs, manuals, waterproof-maps, industrial tags, plant spikes, wristbands, ID cards, loyalty cards, and much more.
HydroPrint® is a synthetic and does not have a grain direction. Post finishing such as die-cutting, folding, scoring and creasing are possible, avoid drilling.
HydroPrint® can be litho printed using fully oxidising or UV inks for plastics.

Legend: C – Clear; O – Opaque & T – Translucent


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